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Terms And Conditions


Rid’In St Barth is specializes in scooters rentals in Saint-Barthelemy Caribbean.

His website allows the reservation of vehicles intended for individuals and professionals as a car rental company.

These general conditions apply to the conditions of sale online and will also be included in the rental contract when taking charge of the vehicle.

” Special conditions ” 

The “Special Conditions” designate the summary of the information mentioned in Appendix A of the Order of March 17, 2015 relating to pre-contractual consumer information and the publication of the prices of the services of rental of vehicles, accepted by the Tenant at the conclusion of the contract.

1. Operation of our site:

By validating this scooter rental reservation, I acknowledge and approve the general rental conditions and I undertake after signing this contract to respect these general conditions.

” I ” refers to the person who signs this contract “the tenant”

Rid’in St Barth of SAS ELITE CARAIBES II brand undertakes to rent the vehicle or equivalent described in the rental contract.

2. Ownership and Status: 

The rented scooter is the property of SARL ELITE CARAIBESII. This car was handed over to the lessee as it was, cleaned and must be returned in the same state of cleanliness. Otherwise cleaning costs will be charged.

3. Return of the scooter:

I will return the car to you on the date indicated on the front.
The premature return of a car rented at a certain rate leads to a change in the rate established at the start. I will return the car to you with the same level of gasoline as at the start.
4. Rental Fees :

I will pay the rental rate, taxes and all other charges associated with this rental. The minimum cost is one day (24 hours).
At the start of a weekly rental, my rental rate can be converted to the daily rate change shown up front

7.Third Party Collision Civil Liability and all Risks Damage everything accident :

This insurance is mandatory and offered with any car rental. This insurance covers my passengers and anyone else against bodily injury, death and damage to the property of others that I (or authorized drivers) may cause while driving your vehicle.

I can see a copy of the insurance contract at your agency.

8. Puncture, Breakdown :

I understand that no insurance covers damage to tyres, rims ; the costs resulting from a puncture (repair, change, redemption) will be invoiced to me in addition to the rental. Any breakdown resulting from improper use of the vehicle on my part or contrary to the “Prohibited Uses” of paragraph 5 will also be at my margin.

9.Authorized Drivers :

I am the main driver, have a valid driver’s license for more than 3 years and meet all rental requirements. Other additional drivers are authorized provided that they are in possession of their driving license (under the same conditions) and that they are named on this contract. In the event of loss/damage caused by another authorized driver, I am solely responsible. ANY OTHER DRIVER IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO DRIVE THIS VEHICLE

10. Fines and Costs Incurred:

I am responsible and liable for any fine that I would have received during the use of this vehicle, and I undertake to make you aware of them.


Upon your request, I will promptly pay any costs related to loss/damage to the rental vehicle. You can use all the contact details that I have left you to contact me and claim the recovery of these sums. I agree to pay a late payment penalty of 5% per month late

12. Amounts charged to a Credit Card :

I authorize you to make a direct debit of my rental including a prepayment for the deposit linked to this rental on my credit card at the time of the reservation, and at the latest on the date of taking charge of the vehicle, and to charge the actual total if any other charges would be due, at the time of closing. A payment of 50% of the cost of the rental will be paid to you upon reservation, thus validating the rental contract.

13.Property left in the vehicle :

You will not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage to my property left in the rented vehicle, your premises or your service vehicle

14. Unattended Vehicle :

I won’t leave the car without having first rolled up the windows, closed the hood, locked the doors and the trunk and removed the key from the ignition. If the car is stolen, lost and damaged, and I am unable to return the keys to you, I will be held responsible for all such costs.

15. Legal action:

You and I agree that the city where I signed the rental agreement is the only place you and I could sue. In the event of such a suit, the law of that city shall apply. I agree to pay your attorneys? fees and costs in connection with any legal action relating to this contract, including appeals

16: Telephone approach

The Customer who does not wish to be the subject of telephone commercial prospecting can register free of charge on a list of opposition to telephone canvassing, pursuant to Article L.223-1 of the Consumer Code.

17. Computers and freedoms

The data concerning the Customer, requested during the rental, are mandatory; otherwise the rental cannot be concluded. These data are processed by the Lessor, responsible for processing, and intended for the management of the commercial relationship (rental contract, invoicing, management of fines and claims, management of Customer accounts, satisfaction survey, opinions on products/services The Lessor also uses the Customers contact details to send him products similar to those ordered.The Customer has the right to object to each communication.